Marathon Training Week 5

I want to start sharing more about the specifics of my marathon training process so that y’all can follow along and also have inspiration for your training (if you are training) and exercise routines. Last week I had an unload week, meaning I took it a little easy and my runs and workouts were shorter and less intense. This week I am back to building, here is what it will look like:


4.5 mile run + 8 strides at the end, making it about 5 miles total

+ a strengthening class. I took a MegaFormer class at Coreology.


6.5 mile run with hill work mixed in. This will look like hill repeats, playing with time and effort

+ stretching routine, glute/hip/core work, and foam rolling


Yoga day! I’ll take a hot yoga class at one of my favorite studios


14 mile long run, I’m doing it on a Thursday this week because I’ll be out of town this weekend and want to make sure I get it in!

+ hip strengthening routine, stretching, and foam rolling


Day off! I’ll be traveling!


7 miles with speed work built in

+ a little yoga, stretching, foam rolling


Easy 3 mile run

Hot yoga class


That’s the plan! Do you plan out your workouts for the week? Are you training for anything? I want to know!

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