10 Tips For Healthy Eating on a Budget

One of the most common comments I get regarding why someone “just can’t” eat healthy is “eating healthy is too expensive”. I’m sure you’ve heard this (or said this!) before. It’s definitely common to think this, and it most definitely can add up quickly if you’re buying lots of pre-made meals, pre-chopped veggies, or out-of-season produce. But it doesn’t have to be ‘too expensive’ and I’m here to debunk this misconception.

1. Planning and preparation are key components 

  • Have a meal plan and make a grocery list accordingly, then only purchase items on this list. This way you avoid wasting food you won’t actually need by knowing everything you purchase will be used according to your plan.
  • When planning, plan for meals and snacks too
  • Planning around sales that your local grocery store has can help save money, then pick your recipes according to these ingredients (bonus, it’s fun to try new things and get creative with your ingredients)

2. Make large batches and freezer friendly meals 

  • Think chili, sweet potatoes, soups, casseroles, quiche, etc… it tends to be more cost efficient, and you can portion out servings for lunches/dinners for the week or freeze for later!
  • Not only is it cheaper to cook once, but it saves energy

3. Check out ALDI’s, Trader Joe’s, Costco, and your local farmers market. all these places tend to have great prices and bargains

4. Buy frozen veggies and fruits

  • This way you always have them when you need them, and they won’t go bad
  • They also tend to go on sale, so load up and keep a stash handy!

5. Eat less meat, it’s usually the most expensive component of a meal. Get creative, try mushrooms, eggplant, beans, or lentils instead!

6. Buy in season, it’s cheaper and it’ll taste better!

7. Shop online

  • Many grocery stores now provide the opportunity for you to submit your grocery list online and then pick up your groceries, this will put an end to the impulsive buys (because how many times have you gone to the grocery store for a ‘few things’ and walked out with your arms loaded with bags? (guilty as charged over here)

8. Get creative with leftovers! don’t toss them, use them for tacos, salad toppings, soups, sandwiches, or egg scrambles.

9. Buy in bulk

  • Buying from the bulk bins allows you to purchase the exact amount you need, and it tends to be cheaper

10. Rice and Beans people! 

  • These two ingredients cost next to nothing and are so versatile! Use them to bulk up any meal, or let them be the star if the show. So many options!


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